On June 15, 2010 the Strategic Rocket Forces successfully launched an RS-20B/R-36MUTTH missile from a silo launcher at Yasnyy/Dombarovsky. The launch took place at 18:42:16 MSK (14:42:16 UTC). The missile, configured as a Dnepr space launcher, delivered into orbit Prisma satellites of the Sweden Space Corporation and the French Picard. The missile also delivered into space BPA-1 (Advanced Avionics Block-1), a Ukrainian payload that was not supposed to separate from the third stage. The satellites were deployed on a circular orbit with perigee of 730 km and inclination of 98.28 degrees.

According to Kosmotras, this is the 14th successful Dnepr launch and the fourth launch from Yasnyy/Dombarovsky. Previous launch of the Dnepr program took place in April 2010 from Baykonur.