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1 Soviet and Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces
   Making the First Nuclear Weapons
   The First Strategic Weapons
   Achieving Quantitative Parity
   The SALT I and ABM Treaties
   Strategic Modernization in the 1970s
   The SALT II Treaty
   The Modernization Program at the End of the 1970s
   The START I Treaty
   The Breakup of the Soviet Union
   The START II Treaty
   The Current State and Future of Russian Strategic Forces

2 The Structure and Operations of Strategic Nuclear Forces
   The Structure of the Armed Forces
   The Decision-Making Mechanism
   The Defense Industry
   Operations of Strategic Forces

3 The Nuclear Weapons Production Complex
   The History of Nuclear Weapons Development
   The Nuclear-Industrial Complex
      The Nuclear Fuel Cycle
      Production of Fissile Materials for Weapons
      Nuclear Weapons Development
      Nuclear Warheads Assembly
   The Nuclear Weapons Life Cycle
      Nuclear Warhead Design
      Warhead Management in the Ministry of Defense
      Warhead Dismantlement

4 The Strategic Rocket Forces
   The History of the Strategic Rocket Forces
   The Organizational Structure of the Strategic Rocket Forces
   Missile Systems
      The Missile Industry
      Missile Life Cycle
   Combat Operations of the Strategic Rocket Forces

   Appendix 4A Land-Based Missile Systems
    R-5M (SS-3 Shyster)
    R-7 (SS-6 Sapwood)
    R-12 (SS-4 Sandal)
    R-14 (SS-5 Skean)
    R-16 (SS-7 Saddler)
    R-9A (SS-8 Sasin)
    R-36 (SS-9 Scarp)
    UR-200 (SS-X-10)
    UR-100 (SS-11 Sego)
    RT-2 (SS-13 Savage)
    RT-15 (SS-X-14 Scamp)
    RT-20P (SS-X-15 Scrooge)
    Temp-2S (SS-X-16 Sinner)
    MR UR-100 (SS-17 Spanker)
    R-36M (SS-18 Satan)
    UR-100N (SS-19 Stiletto)
    Pioneer (SS-20 Saber)
    RT-23UTTH (SS-24 Scalpel)
    RT-2PM Topol (SS-25 Sickle)
    Topol-M (SS-27)

5 Naval Strategic Nuclear Forces
   The History of the Creation of the Ballistic-Missile Submarine Fleet
   The Structure of Naval Strategic Nuclear Forces
   Strategic Missile Submarines and Sea-Launched Ballistic Missiles
      Development of Missile Submarines and Their Weapons
         Strategic Submarine Design
         Strategic Submarine Production
         Sea-Launched Ballistic Missiles
         Naval Reactors
   Combat Patrol

   Appendix 5A Ballistic-Missile Submarines
    Project V-611 (Zulu IV 1/2) and Project AV-611 (Zulu V)
    Project 629 (Golf I), Project 629B (Golf I), Project 629A (Golf II)
    Project 658 (Hotel I), Project 658M (Hotel II)
    Project 667A (Yankee I) and Project 667AM (Yankee II)
    Project 667B (Delta I) and Project 667BD (Delta II)
    Project 667BDR (Delta III)
    Project 941 (Typhoon)
    Project 667BDRM (Delta IV)

   Appendix 5B Sea-Launched Ballistic Missiles
    R-13 (SS-N-4)
    R-21 (SS-N-5)
    R-27 (SS-N-6)
    D-6 Missile system
    R-29 (SS-N-8)
    R-31 (SS-N-17)
    R-29R (SS-N-18)
    R-39 (SS-N-20)
    R-29RM (SS-N-23)

6 Strategic Aviation
   The History of the Development of Strategic Aviation
   The Structure of Strategic Aviation
   Bomber Development and Production
      The Development of Bombers
      The Production of Bombers
      The Development of Aircraft Engines
      The Development of Cruise Missiles
   Strategic Aviation Operations

   Appendix 6A Strategic Bombers
    Tu-4 Bull
    Tu-16 Badger
    3M Bison
    Tu-95 Bear
    M-50 Bounder
    Tu-22 Blinder
    Tu-22M Backfire
    Tu-160 Blackjack

7 Strategic Defense
   Air Defense Forces
      Radio-Technical Troops
      Surface-to-Air Missile Troops
      Fighter Aviation of the Air Defense Forces
      Missile and Space Defense Forces
      The Early-Warning System
      Antisatellite and Space Surveillance Systems
   The Present Structure of Russian Air Defense Forces
   Combat Duty

8 Nuclear Tests
   The Main Stages of the Soviet Nuclear Test Program
   The Organization of Soviet Nuclear Tests
   Test Ranges
   Industrial Nuclear Explosions
   Summary List of Nuclear Explosions

Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces in Transition

Designations of Soviet and Russian Strategic Systems

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