If everything goes according to the plan, in 2007 the Russian Space Forces will launch five military satellites in five launches:

1. Parus communication satellite. Launcher - Kosmos-3M. The satellite will be launched from Plesetsk in the first quarter of the year. It appears that this launch was initially planned for November 2006.

2. Tselina-2 electronic intelligence satellite. Zenit-2 launcher, from Baykonur in the second quarter of 2007. This launch was also scheduled for November 2006.

3. Persona optical reconnaissance satellite. Soyuz-2.1b launcher, from Plesetsk, the third quarter of 2007. This will be a double maiden flight - the first Soyuz-2.1b flight from Plesetsk (it flew from Baykonur before) and the first Persona spacecraft. The spacecraft was reported to weight about seven tonnes. It will carry a new telescope/sensor package, that is being developed at LOMO.

4. Kobalt-M optical reconnaissance satellite. Soyuz-U launcher, from Plesetsk, date to be determined. This is another new-generation optical reconnaissance satellite. Unlike Persona, Kobalt-M has flown before; last time - in May 2006.

5. Oko early-warning satellite of the US-KS system. Molniya-M launcher, from Plesetsk, date to be determined. The satellite will be deployed on highly-elliptical orbit. It will join the early-warning system, which currently includes three satellites - two HEO and one GEO.

The 2007 acquisition plan called for four new launchers and satellites, but some satellites are carried over from 2006 and it is possible that some that will be purchased in 2007 will not be launched until 2008 (for example, a launch of a new Liana electronic reconnaissance satellite, a follow on to the US-PU and Tselina-2, is scheduled in 2008).

To these five launches we should add six new Glonass-M satellites that will be deployed in two launches from Baykonur - in September 2007 (Proton-K/DM-2) and December 2007 (Proton-M/DM-2). These satellites are now counted as dual-purpose and, as the word has it, may soon start getting real names, not generic "Cosmos" designations.

A few more launches seem to be worth mentioning - a Dnepr (i.e. SS-18) launch from Dombarovskyy on April 19, 2007 with a Genesis-2 spacecraft, two more Dnepr launches from Baykonur, three (!) Kosmos-3M launches from Plesetsk with SAR-Lupe spacecrafts (it's the Russian Space Forces helping Germany build its military presence in space), and possible launch of a Shtil-2.1 (based on R-29RM/SS-N-23 SLBM) with two satellites.