In a first space launch from the Yasnyy space site, which is part of the Dombarovsky ICBM base, a Dnepr space launcher successfully delivered into orbit the Genesis I spacecraft of the Bigelow Aerospace company. The launch was conducted by the ISC Kosmotras, which handles space launches for the Rocket Forces.

The rocket is a converted R-36MUTTH/SS-18 missile, which was reported to be in service for more than 25 years. It was launched at 18:54 MSK (14:54 UTC) on July 12, 2006. The spacecraft was delivered to the orbit with apogee of about 520 km.

The first ICBM launch from Dombarovsky took place in December 2004 as part of the plan to develop an Dnepr/SS-18 space launch site on the Russian territory. It was reported earlier that Bigelow Aerospace has a contract for two launches from Yasnyy.

The Dombarovsky ICBM base remains operational with 40 R-36M2/SS-18 missiles deployed there in January 2006. There is no conflict with the START Treaty here (so I was wrong in my post), since Russia apparently has no intent to formally declare Dombarovsky/Yasnyy a space-launch site and the the treaty does not prohibit space launches from ICBM bases.