Recently updated Google Earth images show that the Strategic Rocket Forces recently received a new base for RD-24 Yars missiles that are deployed with the 42nd missile division in Nizhniy Tagil. The site is the base of the 804th regiment (58.13748, 60.53811, в\ч 9430, 11 площадка). The most recent image was taken on 5 May 2016.

The new base answers the question of where did all the Yars missiles deployed in Nizhniy Tagil in 2013 and in 2014 go. Some were deployed at the base built at the "21st ploshchadka", the home of the 308th regiment (it was said to have been disbanded in 2004, though). But there was also good evidence that the 804th regiment received Yars missiles as well. However, the images taken at the site in June-September 2014 showed dismantled shelters, but no new construction. They must have waited in a shelter somewhere.

It appears that at least one more Yars base will be built in Nizhniy Tagil - at the 142nd regiment base (58.19598, 60.58049, в\ч 73795, 5 площадка). There is a paper trail of construction activity there and the May 2016 images show that all shelters have been dismantled (they were in place in 2014).

Other two bases in Nizhniy Tagil - 617th regiment (58.080077, 60.211, в\ч 12830, 12 площадка) and 433rd regiment (58.10153, 60.35971, в\ч 19972, 1 площадка) - do not seem to see any new construction yet. The 617th regiment was reportedly disbanded in 2008, but as we can see with the 21 ploshchadka, this doesn't necessarily mean the old base cannot be used for new construction.