Big changes are coming to the 29th Guards Missile Division in Irkutsk. Right now the division includes three SS-25/Topol regiments, all of which appear to be operational. However, by the end of 2016, the division is expected to receive its first regiment of RS-24 Yars missiles. Moreover, the plan is to increase the number of regiments back to four - two will operate RS-24 Yars and two - RS-26 Rubezh.

Deployment of RS-26 Rubezh in Irkutsk has been expected for some time now - the initial plan was to begin deployment in 2015, but then the date was changed to 2016. Given that the recent reports don't mention RS-26 in 2016, it is quite possible that the deployment of first missiles of this type has been moved even further "to the right" - at least to 2017. The missile was said to be fully tested and ready for deployment more than a year ago. But maybe not quite - a test launch of RS-26 is scheduled for the second quarter of the year 2016.