2022-06-13 Irkutsk.pngRussia is constructing a new mobile missile base in Irkutsk (h/t EM). The facility, designated as "Object 777/155-1s" in the procurement documents, is located at 52.528603 104.580798. Construction was supposed to be completed in July 2021, but the most recent available image from October 2021 shows that the work is still underway.

The site appears to be a standard Yars base. Three other regiments of the 29th division seem to be in good shape. It is possible that the new site will host the 345th regiment (40883), which was reported disbanded in mid-2000s.

It should be also noted that the Irkutsk division was mentioned as the unit that will receive the first RS-26 missiles. The RS-26 missile never saw the light of the day, but now that the INF Treaty is no longer in force, it may finally appear (under a different designation).