A couple of weeks ago we got a word about the future of the RS-26 missile. According to the Russian media, the RS-26 program did not make it to the 2018-2027 State Armament Program as the priority was given to the Avangard project (which is known here as Project 4202). It may reappear again, of course, but probably not right away.

To recap, the missile was first tested in September 2011 (unsuccessfully) and in May 2012. A March 2015 report said that the missile was fully tested and ready for deployment. Being a "short" RS-24 Yars, RS-26 was by all indications an intermediate-range missile, which generated some controversy. I have it on good authority that Russia did declare RS-26 as a prototype of a new ICBM in New START, so it would have been covered by its provisions had it been deployed. Right now, though, it will remain in a limbo - as a prototype it doesn't really have a range. If we will get to the point of a clear collapse of the INF Treaty Russia could declare RS-26 as an intermediate-range missile that is not constrained by New START (or its successor).