On November 14, 2015 the Vladimir Monomakh submarine of the Project 955 Borey class performed a successful launch of two Bulava missiles. The submarine was deployed in the White Sea for the launch. All missiles warheads are said to successfully reached their targets at the Kura test site in Kamchatka. UPDATE 11/19/15: Apparently not very successfully - warheads of the first missile failed to reach their targets.

This may have been the second attempt to carry out a salvo launch from Vladimir Monomakh. Preparations for a test were completed in September, but the submarine returned to the port without launching its missiles. Today's launch was announced earlier this week.

For Vladimir Monomakh it is the second test launch - the first one took place in September 2014. It is also the second two-missile salvo launch of Bulava - the first one was carried out in December 2011 from the lead Project 955 submarine, Yuri Dolgorukiy. After these launches Bulava has made 25 launches, of which 16 were successful.