According to a report that quotes a Rocket Forces representative, deployment of the second Topol-M regiment at Teykovo was completed in 2009 after all, bringing the number of deployed Topol-M missiles to 18. This was planned for some time (there was an announcement in April 2009 and then in September 2009), but there was no report of the actual deployment in December 2009.

Since the deployment appears to have been completed in 2009, the Rocket Forces plan to deploy two Topol-M regiments by the end of 2010 - one mobile in Teykovo and one silo-based in Tatishchevo - would bring the number of mobile missiles to 27 and silo-based - to 60. This would add 19 or 20 missiles to the force - a fairly ambitious plan given that the rate of deployment so far has been on the level of 6-7 missiles a year. At the same time, 14 new Topol-M missiles were deployed in 2009, so 20 is not out of question.

The last three Topol missiles in Teykovo were apparently withdrawn from service.