Today the Strategic Rocket Forces celebrate their 50th anniversary. To mark the occasion, Kommersant-Vlast published a very nice overview of the current status of the Russian missile force (with my introduction).

As an anniversary gift to his service, the commander of the Rocket Forces, Lt.-General Andrei Shvaichenko announced that RVSN is expected to receive a new "heavy missile" by 2016. As far as I know, nothing has started yet, but the Rocket Forces has indeed issued a call for proposals for a new missile. It is hard to say at this point what kind of project will emerge out of this effort, but most likely it is going to be a silo-based MIRVed missile. The SS-19 follow-on discussed earlier is the obvious candidate, but other options are possible as well.

This is not an unexpected development - it is clear that the Rocket Forces want to preserve their position as the dominant leg of the Russian strategic triad and to do so they would need a new MIRVed missile. Of course, if the disarmament momentum is preserved, a new missile would not be necessary. But if it is not, then the new missile may well materialize.