On December 24, 2009 the Strategic Rocket Forces performed a successful test launch of a R-36M2 missile (RS-20V, SS-18). The missile was launched at 9:30 MSK (5:30 UTC) from on of the silos of the missile division in Dombarovsky (Yasnyy) toward the test site in Kamchatka.

According to the Rocket Forces representative, the successful launch allowed to certify extension of the service life of the missile to 23 years. In June 2008 it was reported to be 20 years. There is no doubt that it will be extended further as the missiles age.

It should be noted that Russia officially notified the United States about the upcoming launch. The notifications, which are subject of the 1988 Ballistic Missile Launch Notification Agreement between the United States and the Soviet Union, are handled by the Nuclear Risk Reduction Centers. The centers also handled the START Treaty data, but they apparently survived the expiration of START without problems.