Voronezh-Armavir_construction Here are some interesting photos of the Voronezh-DM radar in Armavir - the first one is the radar under construction and the second one is what appears to be a finished radar building. (The second photo is from Gen.-Col. Popovkin's interview to Novosti Kosmonavtiki as published on Voronezh-Armavir_completeBaikonur web site, the origins of the first photo are quite obscure.)

What's interesting is the clear difference between this radar and the one in Lekhtusi (which is on the third photo). Which should not, in fact, be surprising - according to Gen.-Col. Popovkin, the radar in Lekhtusi is Voronezh-M while the one in Armavir is Voronezh-DM. Voronezh-M-Lekhtusi"M" stands for "meter wave band",  DM - for "decimeter wave band", so these are two quite different radars.

Another interesting detail is the face of the radar in Armavir - it's vertical. This is somewhat unusual, although the antenna face, which is behind it, is probably tilted as it is normally the case with early-warning radars.