Here is an interesting data point for the discussion of the status of the Russian strategic submarine fleet. According to the most recent overview of Russia's nuclear forces published by Stan Norris and Hans Kristensen in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the number of patrols in 2007 was slightly down:

The [U.S. naval intelligence] information indicates that SSBN patrols decreased to only three in 2007, down from five in 2006 (and none at all in 2002), suggesting that Russia does not maintain continuous SSBN patrols like the United States, Britain, and France, but rather occasionally deploys a few SSBNs for training purposes.

Hans Kristensen has more details over at the FAS Strategic Security Blog. For example, now that we know that there were five patrols in 2006, it is clear that all five took place during a single excercise in September 2006.

The importance of the number of patrols in Russia's case, however, should not be overestimated. The Soviet Union never really relied on constant presence of its missile submarines at sea to the extent that the United States or Britain do.