There are many things that are wrong with the U.S. plan to shoot down the USA 193 satellite. One is that the reason for "the shot" seems totally bogus - for the hydrazine tank to survive the reentry intact it would have to have a heat shield or something, which it most certainly does not. Even if some pieces of the tank could survive the heat, the fuel would be long gone - vaporized or otherwise dispersed.

Unfortunately, there is virtually no one outside of the U.S. officialdom who could provide a quick independent and authoritative assessment of the "hydrazine" claim. Russia probably has some relevant data - it has experience with rocket stages falling to the ground during launches and after failures. However, it is unlikely that Russia will get organized to do anything of the kind.

What we will see in Russia instead - and this is another problem with the U.S. shot - is more statements of the kind made by one of the Russian generals last month. General-Colonel Yuri Solovyev, the commander of the air defense branch of the Russian Air Forces, said last month that Russia needs interceptors that can hit targets in "near space".

It would be interesting to see how General Cartwright will be telling General Solovyev that this is not a good idea.

P.S. And, of course, there are other projects that the Russian industry will be happy to dust off - Naryad-V, for example.