Now that NORAD published orbital elements for all Glonass satellites launched on 25 December 2005, we can try to match NORAD numbers with the internal Glonass designations. As far as I can tell from the orbital data, satellites 28915 and 28916 are heading toward points 23 and 24 respectively, while 28917 seems to be aiming at the point 19 of the third Glonass orbital plane. This will make the following addition to the Glonass constellation table compiled earlier:

NORAD number Intl designation Plane/Point
  Cosmos name   Glonass number
28915 Cosmos-2419 2005-050A 714 3/23[1]
28916 Cosmos-2418 2005-050B 713 3/24[1]
28917 Cosmos-2417 2005-050C 798 3/19
[1] Glonass-M spacecraft

I will try to update the table when the satellites reach their destinations.