The Strategic Rocket Forces began deployment of the fifth regiment of Topol-M (SS-27) missiles. According to Gen. Nikolai Solovtsov, the commander of the Strategic Rocket Forces, missiles of that regiment assumed active duty in December 2005 in the missile division in Tatishchevo. Earlier reports indicated that four Topol-M missiles were deployed this time. The missile division in Tatishchevo now includes 44 silo-based Topol-M missiles. [Update: Two missiles were deployed, bringing the total to 42]

A complete regiment of silo-based Topol-M missiles includes ten missiles and usually takes two years to deploy (four or six missiles are deployed at a time). It is not clear, however, if deployment of this regiment will be completed next year – there are six new missiles in the acquisition plan for 2006, but these are expected to be road-mobile versions of the Topol-M missile.