On February 6, 2019 the Strategic Rocket Forces conducted a successful test launch of a road-mobile RS-24 Yars missile from the Plesetsk test site. The missile was launched at 11:31 MSK (08:31 UTC). The warheads were said to have successfully reached their targets at the Kura test site. According to the official statement, "the goal of the launch was to confirm characteristics of the prospective missile system."

It is not clear what that "prospective missile system" might refer to. In September 2017, Yars was tested with "experimental warheads" that are believed to be warheads with parallel deployment. But experimental warheads were not mentioned this time. My guess is that it's a regular training launch.

Previous launch of the Yars missile took place in June 2018, although it wasn't announced at the time (it was officially confirmed later).