On 17 October 2019 Russia held its annual strategic forces exercise. The exercise, designated Grom-2019, involved launches of strategic missiles - Yars ICBM, Sineva and R-29R SLBMs and air-launched cruise missiles carried by Tu-95MS strategic bombers. In addition, the exercise involved launches of Iskander cruise missiles and Kalibr cruise missiles from surface ships of the navy.

The Strategic Rocket Forces conducted a launch of a Yars ICBM from a mobile launcher from Plesetsk to the Kura test site. Previous Yars launch from a mobile launcher took place in February 2019.

The navy conducted two SLBM launches - Karelia Project 667BDRM/Delta IV submarine deployed in the Barents Sea launched R-29RM Sineva missile to the Kura test site. Previous R-29RM launch was conducted in August 2019, from the Tula submarine.

Another launch, that of an R-29R SLBM, was conducted by the Ryazan Project 667BDR/Delta III submarine from the Sea of Okhotsk to the Chizha test site. It was later reported that the submarine was prepared to launch two missiles, but the second launch was cancelled. Ryazan is the last Project 667BDR submarine in service. It participated in the 2018 strategic exercise, probably conducting a salvo launch of two missiles.

At the October 14 briefing, the Ministry of Defense representative appeared to suggest that the exercise would involve a launch of the Bulava SLBM as well. However, he did not specifically mention Bulava in the list of planned launches.

Tu-95MS strategic bombers conducted launches of cruise missiles at the Pemboy and Kura test ranges.

The exercise was directed from the National Defense Center in the presence of the president.

Previous strategic exercise of this kind took place in October 2018.