The information department of the ministry of defense quotes the commander of the Strategic Rocket Forces, Sergey Karakayev, as saying that RS-24 Yars missiles will soon be deployed in Bologoye division, also referred to by its treaty name Vypolzovo or as the 7th guards missile division. According to Karakayev, one of the Topol regiments has just completed its final exercise (of which the September 9 launch appears to be a part. UPDATE: Or maybe not. There was another exercise). He seems to suggest that after the exercise all Topol missile have been withdrawn from service.

There are two active regiments in the 7th division - the 41st missile regiment (57.86305, 33.65167, в\ч 14264, 1-й полк) and the 510th missile regiment (57.78825, 33.86542, в\ч 52642, 2-й полк). It is reasonable to assume that both will receive new Yars missiles. Unless, of course, the old report about possible deployment of RS-26 in Vypolzovo turns out to be true. The source of that report was not particularly reliable, but nothing that Karakayev said rules out this possibility (or confirms it, for that matter).

Karakayev also said that in 2016 the conversion to RS-24 Yars began in Irkutsk and Yoshkar-Ola divisions and was almost completed in Novosibirsk and Nizhniy Tagil. It has been fully completed in Teykovo.

Indeed, the work in Nizhniy Tagil can be now seen on satellite images. If it is "almost completed," then it's possible that the conversion will stop after three regiments there received Yars missiles. We will see.

In the Novosibirsk division, the 428th regiment (55.31046,83.02408, в\ч 44197, 13 площадка) is known to be converted. The 382nd regiment site (55.31745, 83.16841, в\ч 44238, 21 площадка) looks like there is some construction there underway (and indeed, there is a paper trail of construction activity), so it's one more regiment to be converted. As of May 2016, there were no signs of activity at the 357th regiment site (55.32551, 82.94215, в\ч 54097, 12 площадка), so it's possible that this regiment will not receive Yars missiles (remember, Karakayev said the conversion is almost completed).

In Irkutsk, there is no visible activity at either of the three bases that are believed to be active, so if RS-24 Yars are deployed there, they are using the old Topol shelters and garages. In fact, Karakayev hinted in his interview that this might be possible. If this is the case, Yars is probably deployed at with the two regiments that had their shelters in place as recently as September 2014 March 2016 and May 2015June 2016 - respectively the 344th missile regiment (52.66944, 104.51972, в\ч 52933, 2-й полк) and the 586th missile regiment (52.55167, 104.15861, в\ч 52009, 3-й полк). The 92nd missile regiment (52.50861, 104.39333, в\ч 48409, 1-й полк) has no shelters since at least 2012, so it is unlikely that there are any missiles deployed there. Of course, one theory is that this regiment will be the first to receive RS-26 Rubezh missiles (which probably will not happen until 2017).

Finally, Yoshkar-Ola. None of the images of the 290th missile regiment (56.83194, 48.24083, в\ч 93876, площадка 1к) -- Google Earth has one from 2014, there are some reasonably recent images on Yandex and Bing -- show activity there. However, we wouldn't see anything if the conversion just started in 2016. Situation at the other two active sites -- the 779th missile regiment (56.5825, 48.15472, в\ч 69795, 1 площадка) and the 697th missile regiment (56.56, 48.21528, в\ч 48404, 16 площадка) -- is the same. It may be, however, that the RS-24 base will be built at a new place - Spetsstroy documents mention "3 ploshadka". Images in the area, however, are mostly from 2014, so we cannot see the most recent construction. (UPDATE: For these two TerraServer has images from August 2015 - there is nothing there.)

The only division not affected by conversion yet is the 35th missile division in Barnaul. All its four regiments (described earlier) appear to be operational.