On June 4th, 2016 the Space Forces conducted a launch of a Rockot space launcher (converted UR-100NUTTH missile) with the Geo-IK-2 geodetic satellite. The launch was performed at 17:00 MSK (14:00 UTC) from the launch pad No. 3 of the launch complex No. 133 of the Plesetsk launch site. The rocket was equipped with a Briz-KM booster stage.

The satellite, delivered into a sun-synchronous orbit with inclination of 99.3 degrees and altitude of about 950 km, was registered as object 41579 by the NORAD and received international designation 2016-034A. After the spacecraft reached its working orbit it was designated Cosmos-2517.

Previous Geo-IK-2 launch, in February 2011, was unsuccessful. The satellite, Cosmos-2470, failed to reach the working orbit and was declared lost in June 2011.