Russian strategic bombers, Tu-95MS and Tu-160, took part in the Syria operation. According to the account of the operation given to the president by the military (see the video above at 5:10), the operation so far involved 5 Tu-160 bombers and 6 Tu-95MS (based in Engels), as well as 14 Tu-22M3 (based in Mozdok). The bombers (probably only Tu-160 and Tu-95) are said to have launched 34 long-range cruise missiles.

I may be wrong, but it well may be the very first use of Tu-95MS and Tu-160 in combat. Tu-22M3 bombers have been used before - in Afghanistan and in Georgia in 2008 (I'm not sure about Chechnya).

The whole thing is well worth watching. At some point (12:30) the president instructs the commander of the Moskva cruiser, deployed in the Mediterranean, to establish contact with the French aircraft carrier group and to "work with them as allies".

But what a weird setting, this war room! What's up with all these neat rows of officers in color-matched uniforms looking at their computers? Flowers add a nice touch too.