it's not about modernization of the old aircraft anymore. Russia wants to resume production of Tu-160 bombers and build at least 50 new planes. At least this is what the commander-in-chief of the Russian Air Force, General-Colonel Vladimir Bondarev told journalists today.

The idea resuming the Tu-160 aircraft was first mentioned by the defense minister Sergey Shoigu during his visit to the Kazan Aviation Plant about a month ago. At the time it seemed like a remote possibility, but apparently it is more than that and the air force is now talking about a decision that has been already made. At the same time, Bondarev said that the plan of building a new bomber, PAK-DA, is still there. And, of course, there are no plans to retire the old Tu-95MS aircraft just yet. Well, I guess that if it's okay for the Strategic Rocket Forces to have seven or so different types of ICBMs, then there is nothing wrong with three types of bombers. Nobody in Kremlin seems to be counting money these days anyway.