On June 19, 2014 the Strategic Rocket Forces with the support of the Kosmotras company carried out a successful launch of a Dnepr space launcher from the Yasnyy launch site at the Dombarovsky missile division. The launch took place at 23:11:11 MSK (19:11:11 UTC). The payload delivered into orbit included 33 satellites.

The Dnepr launcher is a converted R-36MUTTH/RS-20B/SS-18 missile. Previous Dnepr launch took place in November 2013. This appears to be the (single) space launch that was included by the Strategic Rocket Forces in their 2014 launch plan.

The two Dombarovsky silos that were used in Dnepr launches have been identified as follows:

1/1 - 51°03'56.19"N, 59°41'37.75"E - First two Dnepr launches
1/3 - 50°58'21.69"N, 59°33'04.01"E - Other Dnepr launches