Russia's only geostationary early-warning satellite, Cosmos-2479, launched in March 2012, has ceased operations. In March-April 2014 the satellite did not perform its regular station-keeping maneuver and, according to Kommersant, was formally declared nonoperational by the ministry of defense in April 2014.

Cosmos-2479 was a satellite of the 71Kh6 type that was developed as part of the US-KMO early-warning system, which was supposed to provide complete coverage of the northern hemisphere. However, the system never reached operational status and Cosmos-2479 was said to be the last 71Kh6 spacecraft. It was deployed at the point 166E (after a brief stop at 80E) and apparently worked with the Eastern Command Center that became operational in April 2012.

The loss of Cosmos-2379 leaves Russia's early-warning system with two satellites on highly-elliptical orbits - Cosmos-2422 and Cosmos-2446, launched in July 2006 and December 2008 respectively.