According to Sergei Karakayev, the last of old Soviet ICBMs will be removed from service in 2022. He said that the currently established service lives mean that UR-100NUTTH missiles will stay in service until 2019, R-36M2 - until 2022, and Topol - until 2021.

For UR-100NUTTH (SS-19) and R-36M2 these numbers haven't changed since 2012. UR-100NUTTH is expected to stay in service for about 35 years - missiles of this type were deployed in 1979-1984. R-36M2, deployed prior to 1992, will remain in service for 30 years. Topol, on the other hand, appeared to get an extension - last year it was expected to remain active until 2019 - now it is estimated to remain in service until 2021.

Karakayev also said that initial service life of Topol-M and RS-24 Yars is set to 15 years, but these are likely to be extended. The first two Topol-Ms, deployed in 1997, have already reached that limit, by the way.