Speaking at a working meeting with the president in Sochi, Sergey Karakayev, the commander of the Strategic Rocket Forces, reported that his force will complete deployment of two road-mobile RS-24 Yars regiments in Novosibirsk and Nizhniy Tagil by the end of the year (confirming earlier reports). A standard road-mobile regiment includes nine missiles, so we should expect 18 new Yars missiles by the year's end. No word on the silo-based Yars in Kozelsk, though - it's not quite clear what happened to this part of the plan.

In 2014 the Rocket Forces are expected to receive 22 new Yars missiles. It appears that some of these missiles will be deployed in silos in Kozelsk.

UPDATE 12/11/2013: Sergei Shoigu provided additional information about the upcoming Yars deployment - the missiles will be deployed with one regiment and four battalions ("divisiony"). The regiment is probably a 10-missile silo-based regiment in Kozelsk, while four battalions are likely to be 12 missiles in Novosibirsk and Nizhniy Tagil.