On July 30th, 2012 the Sevmash shipbuilding plant formally inaugurated construction of the first submarine of the Project 955A class, Prince Vladimir.

Construction of the submarine was expected to begin in December 2009 (when it was also expected to be named St.-Nicholas), but was postponed several times after that. Sevmash apparently began construction of the ship without a formal contract from the government some time in 2010, so at this point about half of the submarine hull was reported to be completed. Unlike its Project 955 predecessors, Prince Vladimir is being built "from scratch", without using unfinished components of submarines that Sevmash started in the Soviet days.

Another important difference between the Project 955 and Project 955A submarines is that the latter will carry 20 Bulava SLBMs and not 16. The plan to build eight new submarines (three Project 955 and five Project 955A) appears to be unchanged.