According to a report in Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the missile division in Kozelsk is about to begin a major overhaul to accept new missiles, which will replace UR-100NUTTH/SS-19 that have been deployed there.

The division was almost liquidated in 2007, but a year later this decision was reversed - in November 2008 the president of Russia announced that the Kozelsk division will remain in service. The Rocket Forces announced briefly afterward that the UR-100NUTTH missiles will be replaced by "missiles of a new generation." The MoD spokesman seemed to suggest that the "new generation" is either Topol-M or RS-24 Yars, which seems reasonable - the "new liquid-fuel missile" is probably too far away to justify preparations.

My initial guess was that the the missile that will be deployed in Kozelsk is the single-warhead Topol-M. I still think it's an option. On the other hand, Yuri Solomonov in his recent interview suggested that production of silo-based Topol-Ms will discontinue around 2012 (when the deployment in Tatishchevo is completed). He also mentioned a possibility of developing a silo-based RS-24 (which is, of course, the same Topol-M but with multiple warheads) "in a few years." Seems to be the right time frame for RS-24 deployment in Kozelsk.