In an interesting interview to Interfax Yuri Solomonov mentioned that the state defense order for 2011-2013 calls for a significant increase of the ballistic missile production rate after the first year. The number of missiles produced in 2012-2013 is expected to be "several times higher" than in 2011, which is expected to stay at the current level. The current level is about eight missiles a year - earlier Solomonov mentioned six to ten, it stayed about eight Topol-M missiles on average in the last few years.

These numbers apparently include Bulava SLBMs that would be required to equip the new Project 955 submarines - Aleksandr Nevskiy and Vladimir Monomakh, which would probably be ready around that time. The first submarine of this class, Yuri Dolgorukiy, apparently has enough missiles produced for it already - Solomonov suggested that serial production of Bulava has been going for four years. Given that the each submarine requires 16 missiles, Votkinsk would have to produce at least 16 in 2012 and again in 2013, which is already about twice the current production rate. To this we should add seven or so ICBMs (the 2011 plan in to deploy three RS-24 and four silo-based Topol-Ms), which means that the the production rate will roughly triple.

Solomonov also mentioned that the production of silo-based Topol-Ms will be winding down in 2011 and 2012 (so, it looks like the four silo-based Topol-Ms in 2012 will be the last ones). He said that a silo-based RS-24 is possible, but only after a few years. My understanding is that there are no immediate plans to deploy RS-24 in silos.