On February 1st, 2011 the Space Forces conducted a launch of a Rockot space launcher (converted UR-100NUTTH missile) with the Geo-IK-2 geodetic satellite. The launch was performed at 17:00 MSK (14:00 UTC) from the launch pad No. 3 of the launch complex No. 133 of the Plesetsk launch site. The rocket was equipped with a Briz-KM booster stage.

The satellite failed to reach its intended circular sun-synchronous orbit with the altitude of about 1000 km. Instead, it was found on an elliptical orbit with apogee of about 1020 km, perigee 370 km, and inclination 99.5 degrees. NORAD has registered two objects on close orbits - 37362 (international designation 2011-005A) and 37363 (2011-005B). [UPDATE 3/1/2011: NORAD listed 37362 as GEO IK 2. In Russia, the satellite apparently was designated Cosmos-2470.]

On February 2nd, 2011, the Space Forces managed to establish communication with the satellite, which apparently functions normally. However, since the spacecraft failed to reach the working orbit, its could be used for its intended purpose only for a very brief period of time.

Geo-IK-2 (14F31) was supposed to be the first in a constellation of two geodetic satellites that were intended to provide information for the Russian military.