Speaking on the occasion of the 51st anniversary of the Strategic Rocket Forces, General Sergei Karakayev announced that its service received five new missiles in December 2010.

The missile division in Teykovo received its second regiment of RS-24 multiple-warhead missiles, bringing the number of deployed RS-24 missiles to six (first three were deployed in January 2010). This is apparently the first of the two Topol-M regiments that the Rocket Forces said they will deploy in 2010 - the current plan is that all mobile Topol-Ms will be deployed in the MIRV configuration, known as RS-24.

The second Topol-M regiment that was promised in the beginning of the year was deployed in silos at the Tatishchevo base on December 14, 2010. In fact, only two missiles (and a command center) were deployed, starting the sixth regiment of silo-based missiles. According to Karakayev, four more missiles will be added in 2011, and the final four -in 2012. Unlike their mobile counterparts, silo-based Topol-M missiles carry a single warhead.