On March 1, 2010 (21:19 UTC, 2 March 2010 00:19 MSK) the Space Forces conducted a successful launch of a Proton-M launcher from the Baykonur launch site. The launch took place from the launch pad No. 24 of the launch complex No. 81. The launcher, equipped with a DM booster stage, successfully delivered into orbit three new Glonass-M satellites.

The satellites were deployed in the third orbital plane of the Glonass constellation. They received designations Cosmos-2459, Cosmos-2460, and Cosmos-2461. NORAD catalog numbers and international designations of the satellites are 36400/2010-007A, 34601/2010-007B, and 34602/2010-007C. The spacecraft joined the Glonass constellation that at that time consisted of 20 satellites, of which 18 are operational (one satellite has been withdrawn from the constellation around the time of the launch).

This launch was originally scheduled for 2009, but was postponed. In 2010 the Space Forces and Roskosmos plan to bring the number of Glonass satellites to 27 (of which 24 should be operational).

UPDATE 03/27/10: The satellites received internal Glonass numbers 731, 732, and 735 and were deployed in points 22, 23, and 24 of the third plane respectively. More details are in the table.