According to the commander of the Rocket Forces, Russia will launch 13 missiles in 2010. One missile will be launched during an exercise, two - as part of the service life extension program.

Four launches will be conducted as part of the Dnepr space launch program - CryoSat-2 from Baykonur on February 25, 2010, Prisma and Picard from Dombarovsky in February 2010, Sich-2, NX, NigeriaSat-2, Rasat, Edusat from Dombarovsky in April, and TanDEM-X from Baykonur. (One more launch - that of KOMPSat-5 may also take place in 2010.)

The remaining six launches will be "test launches", according to Shvaichenko. One of them is probably the Topol launch from Kapustin Yar, which was supposed to take place in the last months of 2009. It is not quite clear what are the others. We've seen something like that in 2008 - the Rocket Forces mentioned some "work on a missile system in research and development". None of those launches materialized in 2008, however. We'll see what happens in 2010.