An article in the VPK newspaper published today named two of the four missile divisions that will be liquidated as part of the Rocket Forces reorganization - the 42nd missile division in Nizhniy Tagil and the 35th missile division in Barnaul. It is not clear whether this information is reliable - it lists only two divisions as slated for liquidation, not four - but I would take note of it. The article suggests that after the 42nd division is gone, the division in Dombarovsky will be transferred to the Omsk missile army and the Orenburg army will be liquidated. Certainly makes sense.

There are some other data in the article - on the future composition of the force etc., but I would be a bit skeptical about those - let's wait for some official confirmation.

[UPDATE 08/04/09: I found another source that suggests that the Omsk army will be preserved.]

As an aside, the table in the article reminds me some other table. Of course, I don't mind people's using my site - this is the reason I maintain it. But an acknowledgment would be nice. In fact, it is required by the Creative Common license that covers the material posted on this site. I wouldn't say I'm too concerned about this - it would be hard to beat the Jane's guy anyway. But it is a matter of courtesy. And of a good record-keeping as well - very often it is important to know who said what and whose estimates and numbers are quoted.