On April 29, 2009 the Space Forces successfully launched a Soyuz-U rocket from the Plesetsk launch site. The satellite, designated Cosmos-2450, is an optical reconnaissance satellite of the Kobalt-M type.

The launch was performed from the launch pad No. 2 of the launch complex No. 16 of the Plesetsk launch site at 20:58 MSK (16:58 UTC). Cosmos-2450 received international designation 2009-022A and NORAD catalog number 34871. According to the NORAD data, Cosmos-2450 was deployed in an orbit with inclination of 67 degrees, orbital period of about 89 minutes, apogee of 360 km, and perigee of 180 km.

This is the fifth launch of a satellite of Kobalt-M type. The first launch took place in September 2004 (Cosmos-2410). At the time it was described as a "new-generation satellite". The previous satellite of this type, Cosmos-2445, was launched in November 2008 and completed its mission in February 2009.

According to some reports, Cosmos-2450 is likely to be the last satellite of this type. To replace Kobalt-M, the Space Forces are planning to launch two Persona satellites annually. The first Persona launch took place in July 2008. The satellite, however, failed shortly after launch.