Speaking at the graduation ceremony at the Rocket Forces Academy, Nikolai Solovtsov, the commander of the Rocket Forces, mentioned that the Rocket Forces are completing an upgrade of the command and control system. According to Solovtsov, this system, which he called a "third-generation system", provides "traditional" capabilities of sending launch orders, receiving reports, and monitoring status of individual missiles. It also apparently provides the Rocket Forces with the "automated" capability to change attack options and re-target missiles. Solovtsov underscored that the command and control system includes a number of redundant relay, radio, and satellite communication channels that allow to deliver a launch order directly to missiles silos.

Most of these capabilities existed before. As I understand, the ability to deliver launch orders to individual silos was one of the central features of the Signal-A system that was deployed in the 1980s (Signal-A or its modification Signal-M may be the "second-generation" systems that the new one is replacing). At the same time, the flexible targeting capability appears to be new.