The Strategic Rocket Forces reported that four silo-based Topol-M missiles joined the Tatishchevo division and have started active service. This deployment was expected and it was already reflected in the 2007 year-end summary. The total number of silo-based Topol-Ms stands at 48 missiles.

According to a representative of the Rocket Forces, two more silo-based missiles of the Topol-M type will be deployed in Tatishchevo by the end of 2008, completing deployment of the fifth regiment in Tatishchevo. The total number of Topol-M missiles in Tatishchevo will probably reach 60 by 2010, after which deployment of these missiles was expected to be moved to Uzhur. It is more likely, however, that after the end of 2009 the emphasis in deployement will shift toward mobile missiles, the RS-24 MIRVed version of Topol-M in particluar.