The K-84 Ekaterinburg strategic submarine of the Project 667BDRM/Dela IV class of the Northern Fleet conducted a successful launch of a R-29RM Sineva/SS-N-23 missile at 15:20 MSK (11:20 UTC) on September 9, 2006. The missile was launched from a surfaced submarine from an ice-covered polar region toward the Chizha test site at the Kanin Peninsula. The three warheads that the missile was reported to carry successfuly reached their targets.

The launch is reported to be the first launch from an ice-covered region since August 25,1995 (which was a launch of a R-39/SS-N-20 missile from a Project 941/Typhoon submarine "Severstal"). Previous launch of a R-29RM missile was conducted on June 30, 2006.

[Update 10/28/06: Corrected information about the type of launch - the missile was launched from the surface, not from under the ice.]