This is very interesting - Sergey Kirienko has just been appointed as a new head of Rosatom (Federal Atomic Energy Agency). Kirienko served as presidential representative in the Volga region until yesterday. Before that, in 1998, he did a brief, but very memorable stint as Russian prime minister (it ended in a serious financial crisis).

Kirienko is relatively young and generally thought to be liberal. He knows very little, though, about things nuclear. However, he has a reputation of an energetic and effective manager (whether it's deserved or not is another matter, but probably it is), not exactly something you would say about his predecessor, Aleksandr Rumyantsev, a long-term Minatom bureaucrat, who was the director of the Kurchatov Institute before becoming the minister. Should we expect a more effective and more "agressive" Rosatom? We will see.