The July 2005 START Treaty exchange data released in October 2005 show that Russia continues reductions of its strategic forces. Russia currently has 815 strategic delivery platforms, which can carry up to 3479 nuclear warheads.

Russia continues to cut its missile force – the division at Yurya is being disbanded and now has only 12 missiles. In addition to that, the Rocket Forces completed elimination of all SS-24 rail-mobile missiles and the SS-18 missile division in Kartaly. There have been no changes in the strategic fleet and the strategic aviation since the last data exchange. A summary of the current status of the Russian strategic forces can be found here.

The July 2005 data exchange for the first time includes technical data on the Bulava sea-launched missile, which began its flight tests on September 27, 2005. The missile, which was designated RSM-56 for the purposes of the treaty, is quite compact – its launch weight is about 37 tonnes, its length is about 12 meters.