The January 1st, 2005 START Treaty exchange data released in April 2005 show the changes in the composition of the Russian strategic forces. As a result of these changes Russia currently has a total 830 strategic delivery platforms, which can carry up to 3494 nuclear warheads.

The total number of intercontinental ballistic missiles now stands at 560. These missiles can carry 1970 warheads. With the closure of the base in Kartaly, which is almost completed by now, the number of the heavy SS-18 (R-36MUTTH/R-36M2) missiles has reached 85. This number will be reduced even further – to 40 R-36M2 missiles – after the Strategic Rocket Forces complete decommissioning of older R-36MUTTH missiles.

The number of deployed SS-25 (Topol) road-mobile missiles has reached 306, continuing the process of gradual decommissioning of this missiles at a rate of about 15 a year, which began in 2002. This trend is expected to continue.

The Kostroma missile division, which included 15 SS-24 (RT-23UTTH) rail-mobile missiles, is at the last stages of liquidation, so we no longer count these missiles as operational. Russia no longer has missiles of this type in its force.

A summary of the current status of the Russian strategic forces can be found here.