On 15 December 2020 the Barnaul missile division formally accepted for service its second Yars missile regiment. (The first one, 479th regiment at 53.769921, 83.95915, began combat duty in December 2019.) The news story about the event suggests that the regiment that received new missiles is the 480th regiment (53.3059, 84.14618).

According to an official defense ministry account of the year 2020, the Rocket Forces received "about 20" new Yars missiles. Earlier reports suggested that the division in Barnaul will receive two regiments in 2020. This means that another regiment in Barnaul is in the process of receiving Yars missiles (two Yars missiles were deployed in silos in Kozelsk in September 2020). It may still begin service in the last days of 2020 or, more likely, in the early days/months of 2021.

In 2021 the ministry of defense is planning to deploy 13 Yars and Avangard missiles. This appears to include two silo-based Yars in Kozelsk and two Avangards in Dombarovskiy, suggesting that one more regiment of nine Yars missiles will be added in Barnaul.