On September 12, 2017 the Strategic Rocket Forces performed a successful launch of a silo-based Yars ICBM from Plesetsk to the Kura test site in Kamchatka. According to the official release by the Ministry of Defense, quoted in the media, the goal of the launch was to "confirm reliability of a party of missiles of this class." The statement also said that "experimental warheads successfully reached their targets."

RS-24 Yars missiles are being deployed in silos with missile divisions in Kozelsk and there are plans to deploy them in Tatishchevo as well. It appears that the missile that was used in today's test was taken from the recently manufactured batch to check its reliability.

What is new is the "experimental warheads" that were said to be tested in this launch. We don't know what they are. One thing is certain - these are not "hypersonic deeply maneuverable vehicles." On the other hand, if these were just "conventional" RVs of a new type, their experimental nature wouldn't have been mentioned. So, it is a puzzle for now. Of course, the defense industry has many things in its sleeve - a MaRV, for example (this one was developed by the Makeev Design Bureau, so I doubt it would be tested on Yars). Let's wait - maybe we'll hear more about this particular experiment.