Vladimir Monomakh, the third ballistic missile submarine of the Project 955 class, is expected to conduct a salvo launch of two Bulava missiles in June 2016. The first launch, in November 2015, was not successful - one of the missiles was reported to malfunction.

In fact, according to a recent report Izvestia, which quotes its sources, the second missile failed as well - the missile self-destructed at some point after launch. After the failure all missiles were reportedly removed from the submarine and sent to the Votkinsk plant for a check-up. Izvestia is hardly the most reliable sources, but there is no particular reason not to believe this report. The ministry of defense, of course, reported complete success at the time, but that appears to be incorrect.

UPDATE 9/28/16: In fact, it appears that the destruction of the second missile was deliberate and did not indicate a failure. This is what happened in the September 2016 salvo launch.