On June 27, 2013 the Space and Air Defense Forces carried out a successful launch of a Strela space launcher from the silo launch site No. 175 of the Baykonur space launch site. The launch took place at 20:53 MSK (16:53 UTC) (according to one report - at 22:58 Astana time or 16:58 UTC). The satellite that the rocket successfully delivered into orbit is a Kondor imaging satellite.

The satellite was registered by NORAD as an object 39194, it received international designation 2013-032A. The Russian designation is not known yet [it was designated Cosmos-2487]. According to the NORAD data, the satellite is deployed in an orbit with perigee of 454 km, apogee of 545 km, and inclination of 74.9 degrees. The orbital period of the satellite is 94.6 min.

The Strela launcher is a converted UR-100NUTTH/SS-19 missile.

UPDATE: TsENKI published a very detailed "Evaluation of the Impact on the Environment of Compact Space Vehicle of 14F133" (PDF) (h/t to AS). The "compact space vehicle 14F133" is Kondor.