The Rocket Forces will continue deployment of the RS-24 Yars missiles on road-mobile missiles and in silos. The deployment of road-mobile missiles in Teykovo has been already completed - the division now has 18 Topol-M and 18 RS-24 missiles. By the end of this year, the number of Topol-M missiles in silos in Tatishchevo will reach 60, as previously planned.

In 2013, the Rocket Forces will continue with the plan to deploy of RS-24 missiles in three divisions - Novosibirsk (mobile), Kozelsk (silos), and Nizhniy Tagil (mobile). In addition, two other divisions will be prepared for Yars deployment - Irkutsk (mobile) and Dombarovsky/Yasnyy (silos).

This appears to be the first time Nizhniy Tagil and Dombarovsky are mentioned as prospective bases for Yars deployment. In Dombarovsky, which currently has 30 deployed R-36M2 missiles, Yars missiles will probably be first deployed in the about 20 intact empty silos.