One of the satellites of the Russian space-based early-warning system, Cosmos-2440, has most likely completed its operations. The geostationary satellite launched in June 2008 has been drifting off its station at 80 degrees East since February 2010, when it failed to perform an orbit correction. The satellite is currently at the point of about 75 degrees East. The drift does not appear to be a transfer to a different station - this kind of maneuvers are done differently.

With the loss of Cosmos-2440, Russia's space-based early-warning system is down to two satellites on highly-elliptical orbits - Cosmos-2430 (launched 23 October 2007, NORAD catalog number 32268) and Cosmos-2446 (HEO, 2 December 2008, 33447). These satellites appear to be functioning normally - they performed their regular orbit-correction maneuvers around 15 July 2010 and 18 August 2010 respectively.