On March 4, 2010 at 7:50 MSK (04:50 UTC), the K-114 Tula submarine of the Project 667BDRM class conducted a successful launch of the Sineva version of the R-29RM missile. The submarine was deployed in the Barents Sea. According to the Roscosmos report, "all tasks of the launch have been completed".

There was no mention of the target area in the report. Missiles from the Barents Sea are normally launched toward the Kura test site on the Kamchatka Peninsula. However, the last time an R-29RM Sineva missile was launched from the Tula submarine, in October 2008, it was flown along an extended trajectory to a range of more than 11,000 km.

UPDATE 03/04/10: The Northern Fleet press service reports that "the warhead of the missile reached the designated area" at the Kura test site.

UPDATE 03/06/10: The Makeyev Design Bureau report lists time of the launch as 07:40 MSK. It also reports that the missile was tested as part of a series that confirms quality of serially-produced missiles ("контрольно-серийные испытания").