Amid the flurry of Russian end-of-year news (it is a traditionally very busy time, with everybody rushing to finish things by the end of year) one news was conspicuously absent - that of deployment of the RS-24 missile. Earlier this year, the Rocket Forces repeatedly promised that the first RS-24 missiles will be deployed in Teykovo in 2009. However, there was no word of the deployment.

It is quite possible that the missiles were deployed without much fanfare, but this would be quite unusual - RS-24 deployment is a big deal by any measure. Then, there was no word of Topol-M deployment in Teykovo either, although  three missiles were supposed to join the division in 2009.

My guess is that the deployment was delayed for a month or so - this happened before with Topol-M. But finding out what happened may take a while - we don't have START MOU data anymore.